Call for Papers per il numero speciale di Kult, dal titolo Made in Denmark

Call for Papers per il numero speciale di Kult,
dal titolo Made in Denmark. Kult è una rivista on line pubblicata
dal gruppo di ricerca Intercultural Studies dell’Università di Roskilde (vd.
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il testo del CFP:

This issue of Kult seeks to explore Denmark in a global perspective. Research relating
Denmark to – or taking their point of departure in – global contexts most often
focus on contemporary political or cultural dynamics relating to migration and
on the integration of Denmark in Europe or the global economy. Thus, the global
or globalization tends to be seen mainly as a contemporary phenomenon. In this
issue of Kult, we take our point of departure in a view of the global that
takes its cues from the emerging field of studies relating Denmark to a global
colonial history as well as a ‘postcolonial’ present – thus forging very
different links between past and present as well as between Denmark and the
world. The whiteness of ‘Danishness’ is one feature that emerges from this
perspective. In the Danish context whiteness tends to become an invisible
feature of national identity, since it is universalized and naturalized as an
undisputed non-racial position. But what happens to the
invisibility of Danish whiteness when it meets the world?

Articles may relate to:

1) Studies of how Danishness and/or Denmark become shaped, reimagined, practiced, modified,
amplified – or perhaps annulled – amongst former Danish residents settling (or travelling)
abroad on a more or less permanent basis. Different groups of (former) Danish residents may
be of interest: Emigrants settling/settled in different parts of the world.
Studies that relate to the history of these settlers as well as their present
relation to Denmark are welcome (for example Danish settler groups in the
United States or Argentina, including analysis of media representations of
these groups). Expats employed in multinational companies or development
workers involved either as volunteers or ‘experts’ in connection with
development projects (studies may for instance include
training programs as well as in situ practices). Immigrants (or their
descendants) who repatriate or re-migrate from Denmark. Tourists/tourism in its
different modalities.

2) Studies that relate to other kinds of circulation are also welcome: Representations of
Denmark in different contexts (for instance non-Danish tourist-guides to Denmark
or the material and representational business of sperm distribution). Representations
of the world aimed for consumption in the Danish media (for instance journalistic
representations of the world produced for a Danish public – how is the world framed
in specific ways by the journalists – who are the imagined Danish consumers?)

3) Studies of Danish ‘enterprises’ associated with colonialism. We especially welcome
articles that include questions relating to race, gender and/or class.

Special issue editors: Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen, Nanna Kirstine Leets Hansen, Lene Bull Christiansen.

Deadline for
abstracts: October 19th; Deadline for Articles: January 14th. 2013

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